Frédéric Malet

One shot

5 minutes forward

5 minutes forward -

A Tail's Tale

Android Type One

Bloody Cruise

Blue eyes sword


Darwin's incident

Fire Force

Fire Force Tomes 1 et 2

Goblin slayer Tomes 1 & 2

Hayate the Combat Butler

I Dream Of Love

Je suis un assassin (et je surpasse le héros)

Kaijin Reijoh

Koro Quest

Mission : Yozakura family

Mission: Yozakura family Tomes 1 et 2

Mist gears blast

Mob Psycho 100

Mobuko no koi

One-Punch Man

Red Eyes Sword

Red Eyes Sword - Zero ! Tome

Seraph of the End

The Alexis Empire Chronicle

The Brave Wish Revenging

The Cave King

Under Prison

Why nobody remembers my world ?

Yasei no Last Boss

Zettai Karen Children

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