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Les derniers albums de l'éditeur

Magic Order (The) (2018) T.1

The Magic Order #1 CVR A COIPEL

Kick-Ass (2018) T.1

Issue 1


Saga volume eight

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.169

Lines We Cross (Part One)

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.168

A Certain Doom (Part Six)

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.167

A Certain Doom (Part Five)

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.166

A Certain Doom (Part Four)


Saga volume seven

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.163


Kill or be Killed (2016)

Volume One

Sunstone (2014) T.5

Volume 5

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.162

The Whisperer War (Part 6 of 6)

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.161

The Whisperer War (Part 5 of 6)

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.160

The Whisperer War (Part 4 of 6)

Trees (2014)

Two Forests

Reborn (2016) T.1


The Fade Out (2014)

The Fade Out

Moonshine T.1

Issue 1

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.159

The Whisperer War (Part 3 of 6)

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.158

The Whisperer War (Part 2 of 6)

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.157

The Whisperer War (Part 1 of 6)

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.157

The Whisperer War (Part 1 of 6)

I Hate Fairyland (2015) T.8

Issue 8

Trees (2014) T.14


Monstress (2015)


Paper Girls T.7

I Hate Fairyland (2015) T.7

Issue 7

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.156

Queen and King


Saga volume six

I Hate Fairyland (2015) T.6

Issue 6

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.155

Tip of the Spear

Descender (2015)

Volume two: machine moon

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.154

Led to Slaughter

The Walking Dead (TPB)

No Turning Back

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.153

Heavy Hangs the Head

Sunstone (2014) T.4

Volume 4

Huck T.5

Issue 5

Tokyo Ghost (2015)

The Atomic Garden

The Beauty (2015)

The Beauty Volume 1

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.152

United in Fear

Paper Girls T.5

Huck T.4

Issue 4

I Hate Fairyland (2015) T.5

Issue 5

Manifest Destiny (2013)

Chiroptera & Carniformaves

The Wicked + The Divine (2014)

Commercial suicide

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.151

Call to Arms

Paper Girls T.4

I Hate Fairyland (2015) T.4

Issue 4

Huck T.3

Issue 3

The Fade Out (2014) T.12

Tomorrow, When the World is Free

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.150


The Walking Dead (TPB) T.150


The Private Eye (2013)

The Private Eye: The cloudburst edition

Paper Girls T.3

I Hate Fairyland (2015) T.3

Issue 3

Huck T.2

Issue 2

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (2014) T.14

Get Behind Me Satan

Tokyo Ghost (2015) T.4

Tin flower dent

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.135

Face to Face

Trees (2014) T.13

In the Trap

Paper Girls T.2

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (2014) T.13

This little light

I Hate Fairyland (2015) T.2

Issue 2

Huck T.1

Issue 1

Invincible (ultimate collection)

Volume 10

The Fade Out (2014) T.11

Anyone else but me

Descender (2015) T.7

Machine Moon: Part One

Paper Girls T.1

I Hate Fairyland (2015) T.1

I Hate Fairyland

Tokyo Ghost (2015) T.2

The Human Resistance Is Failing

The Fade Out (2014) T.10

Where angels fear to tread

Black Magick (2015) T.1

Awakening, part 1 of 5

C.O.W.L. (2014)

The Greater Good

Descender (2015)

Volume one: Tin Stars

Tokyo Ghost (2015) T.1

Issue 1

The Walking Dead (TPB)

Book Twelve

The Fade Out (2014) T.9

Living in a memory

Sunstone (2014) T.3

Volume 3

Invisible republic (2015)

Volume 1


Blood puddin'

The Fade Out (2014) T.8

A dead giveaway

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (2014) T.11

A line is crossed

The Walking Dead (TPB)

Life and Death

Descender (2015) T.6

Tin Stars: Conclusion

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.145

Blood for Blood

Trees (2014) T.12

People Never Do

We Stand On Guard (2015) T.1

We Stand On Guard

The Wicked + The Divine (2014)


Descender (2015) T.5

Tin Stars: Part 5

Trees (2014) T.11

The Whole Deal

The Fade Out (2014) T.7

The sound of Waves

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.142

A Gathering

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.143

A Union

Descender (2015) T.4

Tin Stars: Part 4

Trees (2014) T.10

The Little Things

Jupiter's Circle (2015) T.2

Issue 2

The Fade Out (2014) T.6

To Set the World on Fire

Southern Bastards (2014)


The Walking Dead (TPB) T.141


Descender (2015) T.3

Tin Stars: Part 3

Trees (2014) T.9

Steps We Take

Low (2014)

The Delirium of Hope

Jupiter's Legacy (2013)

Volume 1

Jupiter's Circle (2015) T.1

Issue 1

The Fade Out (2014) T.5

The broken ones

Sunstone (2014) T.2

Volume 2

The Walking Dead (TPB)

Whispers Into Screams

Chrononauts (2015) T.2

Issue 2

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.140

Life and Death

Descender (2015) T.2

Tin Stars: Part 2

The Walking Dead (TPB)

Book Eleven

Deadly Class (VO)

Kids of the black hole

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (2014) T.7

The road before us

Chrononauts (2015) T.1

Issue 1

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.138


The Walking Dead (TPB) T.139

From the Edge of the World

Descender (2015) T.1

Tin Stars: Part 1

Manifest Destiny (2013)

Amphibia & Insecta

Trees (2014)

In Shadow

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.137

A Future Uncertain

The Manhattan Projects (2012)

Volume 5

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (2014)

A darkness surrounds him

The Fade Out (2014) T.4


Trees (2014) T.8

Next: Two Forests


Saga - Volume Four

Sunstone (2014) T.1

Volume 1

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (2014) T.6

Receive your mark

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (2014) T.5

A wrath unseen

The Fade Out (2014) T.3


The Wicked + The Divine (2014)

The Faust Act

Trees (2014) T.7

All Things Are Numbers

C.O.W.L. (2014)

Principles of Power

The Walking Dead (TPB)

A new beginning

Southern Bastards (2014)

Here was a man

Kinski (2013)


The Fade Out (2014) T.2


The Walking Dead (TPB) T.147

Out in the Open

Trees (2014) T.6

To Be New

The Walking Dead (TPB)

Book Ten

East of West (2013)

Volume 3 - There Is No Us

Nailbiter (2014)

There Will Be Blood

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (2014) T.4

To light our way

Trees (2014) T.5

It's Not Permanent

Sex (2013)


Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (2014) T.3

I remember when she loved me

The Fade Out (2014) T.1


Invincible (ultimate collection)

Volume 9

Trees (2014) T.4

This Means Something

The Walking Dead (TPB)

All out war - Part two

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (2014) T.2

From the shadows it watches

Trees (2014) T.3

The World To Come

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (2014) T.1

A darkness surrounds him

Trees (2014) T.2

It Doesn't Care

Manifest Destiny (2013)

Flora & Fauna

Deadly Class (VO)

1987 reagan youth

Starlight (2014) T.2


Black Science (2013) T.5

Black Science

Starlight (2014) T.1


The Walking Dead (TPB)

All out war - Part one

Fatale (2012)

The Deluxe Edition Volume One


Saga colume 3

Rat Queens (2013)

Sass & Sorcery

East of West (2013)

Volume 2 - We Are All One

Trees (2014) T.1

All This is Normal

Black Science (2013) T.4

Black Science

Thief of Thieves (2012)


Black Science (2013) T.3

Black Science

Revival (2012)

A Faraway Place

Black Science (2013) T.2

Black Science

Fatale (2012) T.10

Fatale #10

The Walking Dead (TPB)

March to war

Sex (2013)

The Summer of Hard

Black Science (2013) T.1

Black Science

Nowhere Men (2012)

Fates Worse Than Death

The Walking Dead (TPB)

Book Nine

Morning Glories (2010)


Fatale (2012) T.16

Fatale 16

East of West (2013)

Volume 1

Morning Glories (2010)

Deluxe Edition vol.2

The Walking Dead (TPB) T.113

March to War (Part Five)

Ten Grand (2013) T.3

Ten Grand #3 Cover A Ben Templesmith

Ten Grand (2013) T.4

Ten Grand #4 exclusive convention comic con San Diego

Hack/Slash Omnibus

Volume 5

The Walking Dead (TPB)

What comes after

Fatale (2012) T.15

Fatale 15


Saga volume two

Ten Grand (2013) T.2

Ten Grand #2 Cover A Ben Templesmith

Revival (2012)

Live like you mean it


Bad apples

Thief of Thieves (2012)

Help me

Fatale (2012) T.14

Fatale 14

Ten Grand (2013) T.1

Ten grand #1

Thief of Thieves (2012) T.13

Issue 13

Invincible (ultimate collection)

Volume 8


The Omnivore Edition Vol. 3

Fatale (2012) T.13

Fatale 13

Fatale (2012) T.12

A Lovely Sort of Death

Thief of Thieves (2012) T.12

Issue 12

Fatale (2012) T.11

The Case of Alfred Ravenscroft


Space cakes